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        Medical Boards Made Ridiculously Simple

USMLE Step 3 Made Ridiculously Simple USMLE Step-3 Made Ridiculously Simple - 4th Edition
Edition 4 has been carefully updated, revised and illustrated. The book focuses on "what to do next" in clinical situations typical for the USMLE Step3 exam. Flow-charts give step-by-step strategies for diagnostic work-up and patient management. You can view sample pages, the table of contents and student's comments here.

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        Other USMLE Step 3 Books

Any of the USMLE Step 2 books will serve you well for the Step 3. It is usually best to review from material you had mastered once before. There are two books I can recommend especially for the USMLE Step 3 to give you an edge:

Primary Care Medicine : A Primary Care Approach
Divided into 127 short chapters that deal with the most common medical problems, each preceeded by a case history. Out of print. Get it, while you still can!

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Washington Manual Washington Manual - 35th Edition
This "bible" of the medical ward presents a rational therapeutic approach to medical problems and diagnostic work flows. This book is famous, because it's simply excellent.

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        Books of special interest to IMGs

First Aid for the IMG First Aid for the International Medical Graduate
Insider advice from IMGs for IMGs.

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Clinical Skills Assessment Mastering the USMLE Step 2CS
The USMLE Step2 CS for international medical graduates has always been a bit of a mystery. How do I approach the Standardized Patient? How do I study for this examination? How much time do I have with each patient? How will I be graded? How can I improve my performance?

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Getting into a Residency K.V. Iserson: Getting into a Residency *** 2013 ***
Getting Into A Residency is packed with tips and practical "things to do". Numerous charts illustrate the specialty selection process, and the "Must/Want" Analysis provides a way to rank residency program selections.

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