Road accident questions

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Posted by rk from IP on January 01, 2017 at 23:04:42:

Que : Patient involved in road accident, he was riding a motorcycle, brought to ER with the c spine stabilized by EMT. Had the helmet on arrival to ER.
Patient unconscious, has poor resp effort, EMT had given O2 by mask. vitals borderline stable

Question was related to whether you would remove the helmet before C spine xray or wait for the Xray and then remove the helmet

Obviously removal of the helmet by cutting it open would be the best option , but to my surprise the choices did not have it
Any suggestions guys , please respond

Also Kaplan Q bank , what percentage is needed to JUST PASS . Please let know.

Que 2 : Patient was sleeping with her grandson during the night, next day morning the grandson was noted to be pale and not breathing. Patient noted the Clonidine
patch that she was wearing had come off her and was found in the bed. Grandson was brought to the ER with unstable vitals. What is the management?

Please post the answers ASAP.

Next Que : Tricyclic antidepressant poisoning treatment : Is admission to CCU with EKG monitoring and NaHCO3 treatment sufficient. How long to treat the patient
with NaHCO3. My guess was until no further changes in EKG was noticeable and then patient can be transferred to ward.

Thanks for any help

Thanks and apppreciate the help from all

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