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Posted by Harry from IP on June 27, 2013 at 06:32:07:

Took step 3 last week and I feel I will pass.
But I regret to say that they want to check your your reading speed. It is virtually impossible to read all questions in the time given. Do you really need to work like this i.e. skim (don't read or carefully listen the long story or pt's history)and reach to the
diagnosis. One can imagine about insurance premium. They are asking really practical and that is good but why in such a long format. They start question with one apperant diagnosis and twist that further and then add double negative and then one
negative and make you really feel stupid. What is that? Whose naughty brain is working? I have got 18 years of experience with patients and must have examined more tham 50000 pt with OPD of >100 pt per day and never encountered so much twisting
patients except psychotics or with delirium or dementia.

My recommendation to all of you is to learn skimming rather than reading and first look at choices as you will feel stupid as as after a long, long question of the classic style I explained before the question turns to be an ethical one. I look now all the
three step and my thinking is now become a believe that if question is so long and/or the answer choices are lengthy the answer is from either first or last choice. (I still request you to skim all choices) but believe me what I am is saying is correct.

CCS is really tension mounting to everybody including me but really simple. Make list of Most common disorders encontered in Family Practice and General Emergency and do the investigations required and management and here we go. It went so smooth
that I never expected.

So in short lot of discussion and reading rather than repeating old already read notes, ethics covered 15-20%, Internal med 25-30% ( Very practical aspects in General practice), Pt counselling 5-7%, Psychiatry 3-4%, Surgery and trauma 15-17%, Gynae 10-
15%, Preventive and latest research related to sen/spec ( really stupid questions for me ) 3-5%, Ped 10-15%.

Exam demands the an extensive knowledge and adove all a power to skim like a teacher or an auditor. Best of luck for all of you.

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