NBME 3 very low score

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Posted by Sam from IP on September 29, 2012 at 00:18:50:

I have been studying for step 3 since last few months. I gave NBME form 3- newer one & got very low score. My UW Q bank score is ~ 65% (3rd time), UW simulated exam= 213/480. I'm getting low scores in Infectious diseases, Endocrinology, Hemat-Onco, Neuro, MusculoSkeletal. I have listened to Kap lectures, read MTB & read Board&Wards, PR notes, First aid for some IM topics. Now I want to know what should I do so that my practice score in NBME/ UWsimulated exam will rise up?

I'm considering option of "listening to Archer lectures- subject wise- power-point slides & reading their notes". Does any one has any say about Archer lectures & notes?
I can analyze Q banks more intensively & learn form wrong Qs. but analyses takes more of reading time. Some Qs- I know the answer but could not pick that up at that time, for some Qs I do not know info.

I know I can beat this step3, I just want to know how to do this before I run out of gas. I am standing on very thin red line of my resources. So please let me know.

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