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Posted by cg from IP on July 17, 2012 at 08:25:34:

Just finished both days of step 3 & would like to share my experience. The test didn't hold any surprises....I would rank medicine as the most tested followed by pediatrics, then ob-gyn and a fair amount of psyche. There seemed to be a HUGE HUGE let me repeat this again HUGE HUGE emphasis on the "grey" areas of medicine, how to deal with questions from patients, explaining results etc., Also a fair amount of plain old ethical questions. I am not saying step 3 by any means was easy....with every step there are questions that are bizarre & leave me scratching my head wondering waaassuuuuuup with that?! The skill to answering step 3 questions is deciding what information is important & what doesn't have the immediate impact on treatment or diagnosis etc, cause you will get lots & lots of information more than you will care for. I was able to finish each section, was close on a couple of blocks....I would definitely read answers first before reading the question or just read the last part of the question. I studied for ~3wks....my single review source was Crush step 3 by Brochert (EXCELLENT REVIEW BOOK in my opinion all you need!) & did all the practice ?'s from REA's review book (pretty good representation of real questions). I used alot of my old step 2 information also. ....I knew what each condition was....so will everyone out there studying the test....that's what it is designed for....to check your decision making skills, how efficient you are & that you aren't going to do anyone any real harm. Chill out about this test.... goodluck to those getting ready to take that big Step 3!

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