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Posted by intern from IP on July 02, 2011 at 23:40:16:

I love medicine. Top 10th in my class, passed all Steps with descent scores. Got my general phycisian's license and started to work until MATCH results came back. ( dont ask where or when. U.S. soil for sure ).
Life was, great???. Medicine is great in theory until you have to face the fact that in real life practice "unsupervised practice", you face lots of dangers that probably nobody told you or you toughted, "those kind of things will never happen to me".
Real life practice can be really cruel,dangerous legally and some times even physically. This may sound strange but forget about heavy work loads( that will happen for sure and you are probably mentally and physically ready for that ), worry about legal litigations and patient pressure.
I matched in the non surgical residency of my choice , but for those who choose a surgical residency, be more careful with lawsuits; Orthopedist , Gyne-OB, and Surgeons been the most suited. ( Forgot ER doctors )This is ridiculous, I hate this sh***.
Not been suited yet, but I feel that with this legal system, nothing is for sure. They expected you to be perfect, professionaly speaking. Medicine is a non perfect science-art, and sometime even if you give your 100%, it may not be enought.
Think about this guys, it may be useful for you.

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