Need USMLE Course-Simple, Non-Complex, Short, Outcomes’-Driv

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Posted by afraid from IP on June 19, 2011 at 17:05:05:

Need USMLE Course-Simple, Non-Complex, Short, Outcomes’-Driven

Characteristics Of Past History (i.e., I am a Caribe Medical Student)

-my IMG friends took the” big name” live courses (Kaplan and PASS Program) in IL and NJ
--large classes with no personalization to their specific issues
--they found the courses too complicated
--could not apply the information to the real exam
--took them 6 weeks of lectures but another 6 months to learn the material
--both got scores of 77-79; one failed with a 71

-I cannot risk these types of performances as I will then not get a residency in the USA

Therapeutic Options

-these available courses are well-known, with good notes I suppose but not good enough for me, as I want to stay in the USA

Best Options (Desired “Management Approach” To Handle My Personal Concerns)

-I need a course that is
--less than $10,000/USMLE Step
--online with daily interactions so that I can stay at home and maintain my full-time employment
--dedicated to IMGs
-- Simple, Short (less than 3 months)
--Personalized to solve my specific problems
-- Not Too Complicated, clear and to the point
--Easily Able to apply the information to the real USMLE
--learn the materials and lectures at one go- and not keep repeating over and over in rote memory
--need a score with a first attempt pass of > 85
--need a 100%-Pass Guaranteed, so that the company does just take my money and then ‘run…’(as happened to my friends above…
--need help with the residency application (and externship) process so that I can
--- target a good personal statement and LORs to the programs
---with the highest probability of success for me (and thereby not waste $15,000 in ERAS applications!).

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