my exam today with incident report

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Posted by ssr from IP on June 25, 2009 at 00:35:56:

Hi all,
I am a silent observer of the forum. I took my step 3 on 23 , 24. On my 2nd day during my ccs cases the following happened. My first 3 cases ended in less than 10 mts. i was working on the inital orders with out a notice that your case will end with 5 nts, my first 3 cases ended abruotly while I was doing the orders. i stepped out and tols the prometric people that this not supposed to happen. They told me nothing can be done at that moment. tehy advised me to finish the exam. I had a remaining break time of 10 mts and the screen showed i have 41 mts to go. In the next block it showed I have 50 mts to go.
I showed that screen to the prometric people. I finished 4 to 9 blocks with out problem.
I was totally shicked by mt first 3 ccs cases. Me and the prometric filed a incident report.
I dont know what to do?. I called the usmle people they said I will have to wait until my score report comes. I told them this is not fair.
I cannot finish my exam due to technical reasons I want them to investigate or reconduct my exam.
I dont know what to do?. If any one has any inputs pls let me know. Also if any one had any technical difficulties before. What is going to happen to me? I dont know. Will tehy let me to retake the exam or ....

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