Ophthalmology Residency

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Posted by Luke from IP on January 31, 2017 at 50:52:23:

I am a med student who has finished his 2nd year of school in a U.S. med school
and to took step 1. Unfortunately I was disappointed in my score.

I have always been interested in ophthalmology as a career,
however as you can tell from my STEP I score, it is not very

Can I increase my chances of finding a residency in ophthalmology
by doing spectacularly on STEP 2?

All the info I have read on finding a residency stated to do
well on step 1 but never mentioned step 2.
How important are STEP 2 scores compared to STEP 1 scores in the
residency selection process.

Also what areas should I focus on during my rotations?
I have heard Honoring my Internal medicine and Surgery rotation
can increase my chances. Unfortunately, I am now reluctant to
honor any course because every course that I honored in my first
two years of med school, I did the poorest on my STEP 1 exam, and
courses which I only passed, I did much better then the ones
I honored. Thus, how does the clinical experience correspond
to the USLME step 2 exam content?

In addition I have done research in the visual sciences between
my 1st and 2nd year. How can this help my chances?

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