i had the test yesterday

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Posted by Dr. X from IP on September 02, 2015 at 19:53:57:

Let me tell you, i got a flu about 6 hours prior to the exam but i managed to get through with tylenol and inhaled oximetazolin actually
Here ill tell you lots of questions on IM basically cardio/er/ patient W MI give trombolytics, etc, really the questions were simple with a two step reasoning for the answer for example they described a down syndrome pt never mentioned "down syndrome" and asked about complications w/ memory --Alzheimer´s, My exam got 3
questos about statistical test asking PPV Shifting the cut off point and identifying a type of bias wich was recall for cohort, surgery less than 10 questions only one difficult about the treatment for splenic vein thrombosis with out having, heparin, trombilysis or splenectomy as options but most were really easy like 72 y/o pt with
diverticulitis, after starting iv antibiotics Next Step and having bowel rest as options,

for OBGyn I would only go over PID ( i got like 10 q´s on vaginitis/osis) 2nd 1/2 of pregnancy bleeding and dates for :
triple screen

Derma was really easy with the input pictures of first aid is enough
I got pitiriasis psoriasis, molluscum ,Herpes virus pics
Neuro was basically stroke, Als MS Guillan Barresx and MG also brain locations for sensorial deficits like parietal tactile, temporal smell
occipital vision and also huntingtons lesion of the caudate.

endocrine was hypre/hypo tyroidism,parathyroidism and adrenalism, all asked with lab charts, really easy if you know normal labs

psyque was 5q´s on depression 1 adjustment disorder and several of infantile problems like depositional defiant, conduct, drug use

I think i did pretty decent since I DID NOT PANIC remember some q´s are there to steal time from you and probably are not even counted so dont WAIST VALUABLE TIME TRYING TO SORT OUT THINGS YOU HONESTLY DONT KNOW PICK AN EDUCATED GUESS AND MOVE ON.

hope this helps

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