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Posted by ZiMMeR from IP on June 18, 2014 at 00:51:32:

I had my exam , and it went OK. I don't know really how it went, since it was much tiring and exhausting. there are many questions which you need a min to answer. unfortunately you miss them
since you don't have time to go back to them. you need superfast reflexes.need to do hundreds of MCQs..without that, you might be knocked out in the first round..!!!!
in the beginning of the exam, almost till half way down, i was understanding the questions..after that , i was obtunded..either i had lost the grip, or the questions were hard, God knows...but it
WAS different!!!!

55-75% medicine
out of that:
1/3 diabetes / HTN/ Alcohol
1/3 fatigue/ musc/skeletal
1/3 misc..neurology etc

most cases are related to the stuff you see in american clinics..health maintenance examinations, questions put up by the patients , prognosis

all questions are relatively straightforward common clinical complaints. like low back pain, cellulitis, orthopedics , trauma (remember the ABCs). some questions ask simple symptom - diagnosis
equations. some are like placing a missing a piece in the puzzle..you re told somethings about a disease, you have to form a diag /DD and then pick the answer..related to treatment or
complications. needless to say, you have to get to the diagnosis quick..or you don't get to answer the questions. in every question, you can rule out most of the choices if you know barely
something of the disease. the questions are seldom hard, but you don't have time. like the questions on endocrine stuff..hyper/ hypocalcemia, you are given an overwhelming # of options..they
are really hard. plus the questions i almost never got right..the ones in which you have to pick multiple answers. the probability of getting it wrong goes up in algebric progression!! the rest of the
questions are simple multiple choice.. as it has been put up by so many people , boards are obsessed with questions about the diseases which have strange signs and symptoms..MS , ALS, stroke

quite a few questions on immunology..know the childhood diseases and what will happen to the nitrozolium stuff!! autoimmune hemolytic anemias
know the immunizations for AIDS , travelers, old and COPD

mainly orthopeds..you know those osgood and slipped stuff..the fractures..like when you pull their arms and legs,
rash..Differential ..
ALL Immunizations..what if it one is missed..varicella not given before 12 months..all the stuff...
congenital heart disease..

Surgery..only trauma and orthpeds..maybe one or two questions...

Gyne/OB quite a few questions..mainly a complication of preg..what do you do next...like the usual stuff..arrested descent, arrested labor, CPD , when to do a NST and when not to do it etc

around 7-10 % questions asked the pathogenesis of the disease.

know that ACE inhibitors are to DM what bible is to God.

HIV, everything of it..signs / symptoms , management , complications , various prophylactic etc.

Derma..skin cancers, fungal infections.

a VERY few pics...and not very important to answer the question though!

Nutrition as applied to alcoholics, CF , patients with special needs. vit deficiencies.

psychiatry..simple and few ?s..conduct and oppositional defiant , personality disorders etc

there are many questions which ask you to apply your common sense or sixth sense. i doubt whether such questions will be scored.

Tools of trade:

Cecil medicine
Compass surgery
BRS Gyne obs
Blue print paeds
Blueprint psychiatry
Kaplan Live lecture notes. I am not endorsing them but they are really good.

MCQs loads of them!!!! NMS has real good explanations but the exam pattern is different from it.

thats all folks. i am still under post traumatic stress disorder.

God bless you all.

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