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A 58-year-old white male is admitted to the hospital for resection of a colon carcinoma. He has been a
patient of yours for a long time, and he has been in otherwise good health. However, he has always been a
frequent visitor to your clinic. He is a bachelor with no close relatives. Although the tumor turns out to be
incompletely resectable, he accepts this news with equanimity. He has been progressing well, and 4 days
after surgery he is transferred to a medical floor due to room needs on the surgical floor. That evening, the
nurse calls you at home to report that he is anxious, crying, and frequently complaining and angry.
The best initial intervention would be to
a. obtain a psychiatric consultation
b. tell the nurse to have the resident on call examine him to see what the problem is
c. recognize this as a panic attack and start him on a tricyclic antidepressant
d. recognize that he is probably reacting to his terminal illness and initiate a discussion with him about
his feelings

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