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Posted by amalex from IP on July 09, 2013 at 07:14:08:

A previously healthy man (25 y.o.)presents to work up his microhematuria. Physical exam & Vitals are normal. Urine dipstick: protein 1+, HgB 3+. Microurineanalysis:red and white blood cells with
granular and red cell casts. He denies a history of cough, chest pain , sinus infections, or dyspnea. BUN 40, creatinine 4.0. He is sent for furthertesting, including a chest radiograph- which is normal.
Anti-GBM antibody is positive, P-ANCA is positive also. CBC- normal. What is false? a.he has Goodpasture syndrome. b.he has anti-GBM- antibody disease. c.he has antibodies against
myeloperoxidase. d.he has antibodies against a chain of the type IV collagen found in basement membrane. e.he has a more treatable disease than he would if P-ANCA tests were negative.

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