compartment syndrom q recall

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Posted by Veronica from IP on February 06, 2013 at 23:53:34:

remember someone posted a question and it was a little disscussion about compartment syndrome? The
answer choices were: elevation of the leds, immidiate fasciotomy, compartment pressure mesure..., and
the right answer was immidiate fasciotomy, someone wondered why would not it be compartment pressure
mesurement as it is a simple procedure..., I myseld did not even know that inability to dorsiflex the toes is
one of the signs of anterior comp syndrom

I was just reading about it and would not have paid close attention if not that question, so it sais here: "If
there is evidence on neural commpression, fasciotomy must be carried out immidiatelly, irrespective of the
pressure reading" and in the question the was an evidence on neural commpression - could not dorsiflex
the toes.

Just to remind, in the measurement of the tissue pressure, it should not be >35 mm Hg

Once again, appriciate that question and many others as it makes me recall things and read it closely.

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