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Q1 A 71-year-old woman with a history of stroke is incontinent of large amaunts of urine. She is ambulatory with a walker and takes no medications. The incontinence is not associated with activity. Her postvoid residual urine volume is 75ml

Q2 A 74-yeal-old man with BPH presents with urgency (strong desire to void) immidiatelly followed by incontinence. His postvoid residual urine volume is 65 ml.

Q3 A 66-year-old man with 15-year history of DM presents with dribbing of his urine. He has a sensation of fullness in his abdomen and inadequate emptying. Palpation of the abdomen reveals a smooth, round, tense mass. Prostate exam reveals an enlaged (50 g) symmetric gland. There are no nodules palpated. The patient's posvoid urine residual volume is 800 ml


a) Urge incontinence
b) Stress incontinence
c) Overflow incontinence
d) Functional incontinence

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