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Posted by GR from IP on June 02, 2012 at 01:59:40:

YOU EXAMINE A 67 YR OLD HISPANIC MALE WHO HAS SEVERE PERIUMBILICAL ABDOMINAL PAIN, VOMITING AND DIARRHEA which began suddenly several hours prior to his office visit. his temperature is 37C, bp 110/76 mmHg and respiration 28/min. his abdomen is slightly distended, soft and diffusely tender, bowel sounds are normal. other findings include clear lungs, a rapid and irregularly irregular heart beat, and a pale left forearm and hand with no palpable left brachial pulse.

rt arm and lower extremity pulses are normal. urine and stool are positive for blood on chemical testing. his hb is 16.4g/dl and his wbc count is 25,300/mm3. the diagnostic imaging procedure most likely to produce a specific diagnosis of his abdominal pain is:

a) contrast venography
b) celiac and mesenteric arteriography
c) barium enema
d) sonography of the abdominal aorta
e) I.V.P

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