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Posted by Syma Jamidi from IP on February 27, 2012 at 08:14:49:

I Have graduated from Med school 10 years ago.Six years ago when we moved to US ,I decided to stay home till my youngest starts
school.I think it was agood decision for kids and us in a lot of respects BUT now when I am ready to get back to my carreer I am facing a
lot of problems.Thanks to the web sites including yours I am getting oriented.Things have changed a lot and on top of that seems like all
these years have erased all the knowledge I had of medicin.I started with some of the recomended review books and felt that I need to
have some background knowledge before I read review books.At that time I read one of your postings regarding Ceicil(essentials of
Med).I am reading it these days and I realy enjoy it.But it seems like I don't retain much.My study hrs are from 9:30am To 2:30pm( kids
school hrs).I am trying to get 1 or two hrs in the evening but it seems difficult right now.I'll keep on working on that.I realy get
frustrated.Sometimes it seems like impossible to pass this eaxam with all these commitments (with family)and extensiveness of this
exam.My questions might seem stupid to you but please do reply.
--Can I do it with just5 hrs/day study .5days a week
--What should be my goal to take the exam.
--After 1st reading of Ceicil should I read it again (so that I can retain what I read).Or should I read Blueprint after 1st reading of Ceicil.
--is blueprint enough for rest of the subject(Peds,Gyn/Obs,Surg,Beh science ect)
--For mcqs I am planning to get
.Kaplan CD
.NMS cd or NMS review for Step 2(please advise which one should Iget or should I get bothof them)
.Harrison Mcqs
Do you think this would be enough for mcqs.
These are some of my questions please repl.And give me your advice.If you there is any other thing you want to add please feel free.I'll
realy appriciate any good sincere advice.

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