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Posted by dnm from IP on July 14, 2009 at 16:21:55:

In Reply to: Re: Depressed, working full time posted by at on June 29, 2009 at 20:18:16:

I understand your situation.. I failed step 2ck in sept 08.. tried to take it again, but couldn't.. was pregnant at the time and my kid was born premature.. he came before I could take the test.. now it's been 18 months since then.. am also surrounded by MD's.. my husband is in residency.. my entire family is doctors.. everytime I try to study.. my mind drifts away.. and I want to do anything but study. but then I see around me and want nothing more than to be a resident! anyway.. I decided that I have to do this .. am sick of it.. studying for real.. it's hard but I keep telling myself.. just study for these few months and shut everyone up!! I'm tired of the comments and not being able to enjoy anthing because I'm always thinking.. "I should be studying".. I avoid ever talking about myself, and meeting people.. only because I don't want to be asked what I do for a living.. what am I supposed to say.. ummm.. I am a doctor but I can't pass my exams so now I just stay at home and hate my life, and watch eveyone around me be successful and happy!!
I can't even talk about ERAS and the match or anything.. all I can do is concentrate on this test.. then I'll think about other stuff.. besides the other stuff is irrelavent unless I pass this test! I take it in August.. god help me..
I found that being positive helps.. I make myself be "gung-ho" about it.. make a schedule, a checklist.. and cross things off as I do them.. makes me feel like I accomplished something.. and make a deadline.. without one.. 2 months becomes 4 then 6 then a year then 2 years.. make a deadline. you are not alone.. like the other guy said.. JUST DO IT!

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