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Posted by ja from IP on July 18, 2016 at 00:54:25:

been following these postings, so thought i'd share my experience in return. it was much more
manageable than i thought it would be, but i was prepared by horror stories from other people. i
was tired out from my one full length practice test, but I had no problem during the actual test
(must have been the adrenalin). -- was easier than kaplan test, and about the level of the usmle
practice test but maybe a bit harder . . . about the level of kaplan qbank but in some cases trickier
(i.e. test same level of knowledge, mostly, but it may take you an extra step to get to the answer.
but there were also a few direct and simple q's (which surprised me) and some really hard
questions. timing wasn't too bad b/c i did practice q's and was prepared to be pressured. in the
end, i'm pretty sure i passed, but not sure what my score will be.

i didn't have as much time to study as i would have liked, so for anybody else out there with
limited time, don't worry -- just do your best because this is manageable. if i wanted to secure a
really top score, i would have postponed to put in more time. as it is, i think it'll be fine, but i'll let
you all know.

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