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Posted by curious 1st year med student from IP on June 18, 2015 at 11:08:33:

Hi- I am a first timer to this forum. Is it only for IMG's? I saw a news piece on 20/20 the
other night about IMG's coming to do their residencies on a temporary visa, with no
plans to ever return home. Is this really the case? Thousands of Americans are turned
down every year to medical school, simply because there aren't enough residency spots
to accept them all upon graduation. This seems a little crazy to me. Why not take the
boards in your own countries and practice there? This is not intended to sound rude, but
it is a little distressing to me. I believe that foreign grads should be able to practice here,
but not at the expense of Americans wishing to be doctors. It seems like you guys
should be at the bottom of the list. Any comments?

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