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Posted by chris from IP on March 27, 2014 at 18:16:50:

As everybody learns a lot from postings regarding this big challenge, I'll share my experiences with you: I did the Step1 today...
Well, over all, it's not as terrible as I expected it to be. The level of questions was similar to Q-Bank, but sometimes a little bit harder - there were also some really weird physio-
graphs which I never had seen before.
I found patho-pathophysio the most difficult (often I was stuck between two answers so it'll be luck with my score...) and to say it clearly:
It's not true what some people say about their subjects: even if there are some shifts in every exam it's still not "only Immu or Biogenetics" (what I've read often). So Patho is the
biggest one (with pathophysio of course), Pharma came next, which was o.k., mostly common and pretty easy things, I was surprised by that.
Anatomy (CNS) and Microbio not so much, but pretty forward questions. (Just a few strange CNS-things...) Biochemistry even less, some receptor-stuff, Genetics, but not even
one question about key enzymes or these horrible things.
The bad thing: Behavioral Sciences! I'm pretty sure that I didn't do it well, a lot of these famous "What do you say to the patient"-Qs and believe me: this is not "common sense",
most of the time you have 2,3 answers which sound pretty good... Also some bad statistical stuff - had never problems before with that but today it was different...

So I have no idea what my score will be, as I said above: it's a question of luck as well, especially with those though Patho-Qs.
So I hope this is a little bit helpful for everybody, I wish you good luck for your exams!
Learn your Patho!!!

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