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Posted by AKM from IP on October 02, 2013 at 14:32:16:

In Reply to: IMPORTANT QUESTION ON RACISM IN AMERICAN MEDICINE. posted by Scared Physician on September 28, 2013 at 23:14:11:

Medicine is a very competitive field,so why should I like somebody's trying to take my job,my patients
etc.A lot of mistakes have been made by FMGs - bad handwriting,bad English etc.Cost of malpractice
insurance is going up,because of that.How will you deal with M.D.who hardly can speak English?Unless
you speak the same heck language.Some FMGs think they don't need it - bullsht!Try to talk to Program
Director and convince him/her - unless he/she from the same country.Why does the U.S.need such
M.Ds?Even at this page some of them try to prove the superiority of Indian or FarEast medicine compare
to Western one?That's funny cause they're dreaming to get here and make some bucks(fine,improve
their skills).Who will like such a hypocrisy?I'm FMG myself.I've met some practicing M.Ds here,gush,what
the heck of language they've spoken.No doubt,many of them are the good ones,but... That's not about
racism,that's about bad self-estimation of some foreigners trying to compete in a difficult
field(hey,that's not the same as a restaurant or grocery store to run in!) and crying about discrimination
among M.Ds.Didn't they study psychology in their universities?

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