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Posted by Valery from IP on April 25, 2013 at 23:46:41:

I am going to put here an example of the question that is asked in some pretests, and the correct (?)
answer that they suggest. I can hardly say that the question is made by sober one and the answer is really
the answer.

Question: The day following a hysterectomy, a patient complains of severe pain in the right upper lumbar
region of the back. Which of the following structures was the most likely damaged during the surgery?
(A) Inferior mesemteric artery
(B) Internal iliac artery
(C) Psoas major muscle
(D) Pudendal nerve
(E) Ureter

Answer: The correct answer is (E). The right ureter was clamped during the operation and remained closed;
accumulation of urine in the right kidney caused the pain.

I am wondering how they can make so unwise questions? Are they kidding? Why not to suggest that there
was sulfuric acid dropped into the abdominal cavity and it damaged the intestine? Why not to make the
following suggestion: “ They opened the abdominal cavity in order to perform the hysterectomy, and they
forget to close it, so the peritonitis developed”. Not bad suggestion, isn’t it?

The question is how many of the WISE questions of this kind does the USMLE Step 1 contain?
Do they want us to be malpractice investigators or doctors?

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