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Posted by Guddu from IP on June 29, 2012 at 21:56:11:

1--biochem-- read EITHER kaplan biochem OR the Lipp (to be honest the Lipp is overkill)

2--Micro/immuno-- kaplan OR jawetz (again overkill)

3--path-- BSS/goljan (this is better as u can study system wise)

4--Mol bio/genetics/cell bio-- kaplan

5--the rest of genetics, hardy weinberg/pedigrees etc( they form the bulk of genetics qs) do the first 7 chapters of the NMS genetics book

6-- i think hemat can be done from the goljan book, the book has just what u need, a page with all the weird looking cell shapes and morphologies. I didnt get any in the test but it help in confidence.

7--First Aid-- i did this a week before my test, i read thro as a form of revision, it was a good brush up of what u studied and some of the table/charts are good. i didnt have time to do micro/biochem so i cant tell u much about it.

8-- USMLE World QBANK, its not exactly the test ,but what helped me that i could do questions on a particular topic after i had read it, that really consolidated my study.DO IT,ITS WORTH IT!!

9--NMS-- i didnt have time to go thro this. (avg score 80-83%)

10--BSS-- i did 2/5 of the books, and it really helped (avg score around 75-80%)

11--LASTLY,for all the fellow IMGs (especially my fellow indians) we spend too much time cramming stuff. unfortunately they dont ask 20 causes of pulm oedema but they WILL ask why high altitude causes pulm oedema. i spent 2 months of serious study for this test, thats all u need. the test is EASY and FAIR. if u think the test is tough, ur either unlucky or too tense, so relax. all indian lady doctors (i.e. H4 visa holders--their husbands work in a software company, and they are studying for the MLE: DONT SPEND A YEAR OVER THE TEST, DONT STUDY 20 HOURS A DAY, DONT KEEP CRAMMING AND NOT PRACTICING QUESTIONS, DONT BUY UNNECCESSARY BOOKS, AND DONT WAIT TILL U GET YOUR WORK PERMIT/GC BEFORE U START STUDYING--I.E. THINK OF YOUR HUSBAND AND HOW MUCH MONEY HE'S SPENDING ON U!!!)

Thats all folks,i hope i didnt offend anybody. take care and good luck everyone!!!

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