Re: Radiology portion in Anat.

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Posted by Andreas Carl from IP on February 27, 2012 at 16:25:11:

In Reply to: Radiology portion in Anat. posted by ACR on February 25, 2012 at 09:22:45:

: How do I gauge whether I'm good enough before facing the Boards?
Dear ACR - good questions! There is no clear way of knowing "when am I ready for the exam". If there where a clear way, everyone would be ready and noone would fail
the exam. Most US students have a good feeling for where they are standing by comparing themselves to their classmates. FMGs are more isolated and I know it can be
freaky and nervewrecking. Try to practice lots and lots of multiple choice questions. Do a set of 100 or so under timed conditions. If you get a score between 60-70% you
should be "safe", if you get only 40% or so it means you have to study some more (these numbers refer to the NMS or A&L series).

It would be great if there where some statistics, if you students reported what % they got with the practice tests and then see what score they get on the USMLE. THis way
one could calculate a correlation. Unfortunately such statistics don't exist as far as I know. Good luck - and whatever you do: don't "freak out" - stay calm and you will

PS: There is quite a bit of reporting bias. You are much less likely to hear from students who passed on first attempt and moved on than from students who failed the
exam one or more times and are asking for help.

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