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Posted by Sharona from IP on December 22, 2010 at 18:52:06:

(You Will Get The correct Site As The 'April 16, 2009' # 3 or #2LISTING;);
(you may ask CASE-specific questions there also! send Dr Satya an email!)
-Cardiologist /Intensivist salaries at $406,000 per year
-Residency Despite three fails in steps through retakes and Step 3
-Paid LICENSED Med Asst Jobs at $130-140K/- get IMMEDIATE $50K Scholarships and gain hands-on USCE while you train!; Then network into MED/ SURG residencies through these spots (IMMEDIATE surg assisting and medical YOUTUBE video and applications available NOW with 3-day response for scholarships
-Avoid Malignant USMLE Rip-off (BIG-name) Tutors; take small, personal, guaranteed PASS-Yale-based courses only for IMMEDIATE high scores in 60-80 day programmed courses for $9K/step
-Comprehensive listing of FREE University externships in all primary care fields
-Misc: Obama care means 2000 new residency slots per year/ NO more H1B visas/ Discrimination against IMGS/ back-up plan as a MED /SURG asst/ or LEAVE medicine and try for GRE/GMAT to get a PHD or MBA in Healthcare ADMIN ($150-200K per annum with 5-7 years experience)

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