Pass Pgm /Kaplan HORROR stories- another forum member

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Posted by sammy from IP on September 05, 2010 at 07:58:34:

Pass Pgm /Kaplan HORROR stories- another forum member
sammy_parikh - 04/26/10 16:25

Pass Pgm /Kaplan- real story- another forum member

hi cholera
usm123_doc - 12/12/09 00:54

i attended pass programme in aug and i took exam in nov i failed i think its waste of money and time he did not cover much of information which are heavily tested on exam i asked him few of topics regarding exam he told me dont worry they dont ask u but they are heavily tested on exam this is how he replies but it is my bad luck in attending pass programme my friend think twice before u judge its u r wish i dont object u erom being attending pass programme and few of my friends who attend programme they also failed think before u act?????????

failed again
kajol - 01/20/10 22:35

selftest, ur not alone. I failed again too...and I did Pass program...what a waste of $6000. did not improve my score by one point.
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* Re:failed again
hellfireomega - 01/20/10 22:48

Kajol and selftest don't lose hope you will pass next time. Make a schedule. Study on your own with a study partner maybe, use FA and UW. In UW read the answers and understand them.Also read the description of the wrong answers so you know exactly where you went wrong. Also after every test analyze your weak points and revise before you do the next test. This will improve your concepts and you will pass next time. Good luck!!!
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* Re:failed again
selftest - 01/20/10 23:12

Thanks so much for your soothing work hellfireomega
Kajol what are u planning on doin that god i did not do this pass program
i did the kaplan and wasted 3500 What are u planning to do which State
are u in can u email me at

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