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Posted by Randy Nelson from IP on July 17, 2012 at 14:12:50:

In Reply to: Discussing difficulties in Personal Statements posted by Miriam Milstein on May 07, 2012 at 20:01:19:

Randy Nelson, MHS

Itís prime time to complete your ERAS application or
CAF (Common Application Form). As you review your
application what strikes you first? For many, itís how
little their application reveals about them. A chronic
problem among those completing their applications is
how to make this required document compelling to the
residency personnel who will review it.

You will want to ask yourself a number of questions as
your coordinate your application.
ē Have I included experiences that reveal my strengths?
ē What experiences are appropriate to include?
ē Do my humanistic qualities shine through?

For a moment put yourself in the shoes of the person
reviewing your ERAS application. After they read it do
you think they will have a strong desire to meet you
for an interview? If you donít feel enthused by your
application, the residency personnel who review it
wonít either.

There is an art and strategy to crafting a strong ERAS
application. Your worth should be demonstrated through
your work and volunteer experiences as well as your
honors, awards, scholarships, membership in societies
and your extracurricular activities. It should be
written in a way that speaks to a program director.
Your strengths should match the goals and objectives of
the residencies you are applying to.

Sometimes itís hard to label the activities that embody
your strength of character. I remember helping a one
residency candidate put together his ERAS application.
It was good but not great. At the end of one of our
conversations he casually mentioned that he was an
Eagle Scout. This achievement spoke to his
intelligence, perseverance and goal driven personality.
It was impressive to me and to the program director who
invited him to interview.

For help in creating a cutting edge ERAS application,
feel free to contact me at or go to

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