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Our USMLE Preparation:

Why we are a top-notch tutoring service that truly may catapult you on your career trajectory…

The USA’s only 100%- “No Questions Asked-” (11 k dollars/step) If You Do Not Pass the USMLE YOU DO NOT PAY…Guarantee

Ours (A Better Business Bureau, A+ rated company, in business since the year 2000) is an easy to efficiently learn-/understand 3-month, IVY League-MD* -developed ,comprehensive USMLE Study System. In this system, you WILL NOT memorize inane, complex, useless lists, and irrelevant MCQ -pools, but instead UNDERSTAND, through our tutelage, our research-based, high-quality Basic and Clinical Science study materials. You will thus truly LEARN, by creating clinical correlations and diagrams that will enable you to develop high-quality Case Presentations- i.e., the essence of medical teaching since even Hippocrates…

We instruct you directly, by employing the highest-technology (including the implementation of user-friendly ‘CLOUD’ computing) instantaneous, personalized online (and telephonic) interactions that are thereby developed at your convenience, ON YOUR OWN PERSONALIZED SCHEDULE…

However, you will nonetheless still achieve a “Classroom Experience,” through a weekly 25-item grade report (with anonymous comparative grade rankings) that will enable you to develop USMLE-driven Administrative and USMLE content learning tasks and proficiencies.

OTHERWISE if you were to not pass (a very remote possibility), we provide you with, unlike any other USMLE educational service in the USA, a UNIQUE, INDUSTRY LEADING 100%- “NO QUESTIONS ASKED-” REFUND (PERIOD). Thus, we do not believe in our BIG NAME -competitors’ illogical ‘free RE-ENROLLMENT… if you do Not Pass…’ policy, because if you were to fail with their course, once, you will likely fail again anyway.

Contact: Information line 24-7: six four one seven one five thirty nine hundred extension eight three three seven six eight and be certain to ask us for current references of medical students and MDs, just like yourselves, success-driven, “determined to obtain a US medical license at all costs…” but temporarily side-tracked due to the USMLE’s unusual, difficult-to-crack method of assessing voluminous amounts of up-to-date medical science knowledge.

PS Additionally do not forget to inquire about our generous Student Agent-Referral Rebate programs, through which your friends may help you to defer your tuition costs considerably

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