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visit this website

resiac blog spot com (dot instead of space, no space between blog & spot)

The first line is the name & address of the Program & second line (hyperlinked) is application criteria in minimum words with direct link to Program's website which is the most authentic.

To be involved, you need
fast internet
know how to hyperlink text with website

There are

450 FM Programs
379 IM Programs


Please send me your email, those of you who want to be involved, We need some people (more the better), you will be sent some Programs with link to their website (you may specify how many you want), make sure you link the application criteria in the website not just the Program website and also write a succint note such as H1, j1, No visa, score etc, some Program website may not have application criteria, in that case send them a email, call them or make a note about it and once you make the hyperlinked criteria, send it to above email and once the list is complete, all of us can have access to the complete list.

We do not have much time, but if we work together, we will succeed.

what exactly is it

This is a kind of open thread where we work together adding programs info so that nobody has to waste their hard earned money paying for Program lists from various vendors which are not necessarily reliable,

I have made about 200 Program list on my own but if I try all alone it make take too much of my time, if you guys could help, it would be done in few hours, so that all of us can have access all the time and this would be most authentic because it would give direct link to Program websites.

One way to go about it is just add your email here and mention how many Programs can you include 15 to 30 per person, (even more or less as you like it), soon we will have a Program list of all major specialty free for all and we won't have to deal with any scam.

Please get involved as quickly as possible, we have no time to lose, we can get 1 wks work done in 1 to 2 hours.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask. This would be we getting together to help one another, all included, none left behind, no password needed, free for all.

1st step: add your email here or send me an email at mentioning your interest

Please cooperate, Thanks

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