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Posted by Katie from IP on August 12, 2010 at 21:09:39:

When I was first year resident, the Program director
was a nice doctor, even as the first year resident, I
could figure out how little the PD knew, out of
compassion for the patients I had to correct him so
often and he seemed aware that he did not know much.

Problem with PD's is that at least in that Program,
they see only 2-3 patients a day and many times even
less, they waste a lot of time in resident selection
which starts as early as August/September and ends at
march/april soon after the match.

They have hardly any time for CME or seeing patients,
all they do is get heavily involved in Residency
selection. As nowadays there are thousands of
applicants for Residency in virtually any program.

This tells us that the PDs should not be allowed to be
involved too much in resident selection, they should be
more involved in patient care and Resident Education.
It's such a shame that something like this happens here
in USA.

The resident selection process must be completely
changed. All Residents must be evaluated in an
objective way and they should be ranked with a scoring
system which include all important stuffs including US
experience, medical school performance, awards, usmle
score, letter of recommendation, communication skills,
cultural awareness etc. Each state should be allowed to
make their own ranking system hence the applicants will
have to send maximum of 50 application to 50 states at
most (currently some applicants esp IMG send
application to as many as 1000 programs not only
wasting thousands of dollars but also increasing the
work of PDs and faculties), this is such a joke in USA
because the chances of getting into program is mostly
determined by how many Program you apply to, this is
such a shame.

Instead of ranking them 1, 2, 3, 4 which would be
complex, it would be good to rank them as a group. Then
the applicants and the Program interacts through
interview and thus make final decision.

What do you guys think about this? Please post

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