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Posted by catwoman from IP on June 17, 2010 at 07:01:29:

In Reply to: Re: fm dox know more than any other doctors () posted by david on June 16, 2010 at 19:52:24:

FM docs take care of many types of pts. We treat anything from pink eye, sorethroats, UTI, sinusitis, allergies,flu,rashes, to headaches,dizziness,copd, pneumonia, lipids, hypothyroidism, DM, HTN, STDs, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, ADD, acne, and many more. We do GYN exams, paps,make sure you have vaccines, fill out physical forms, leave forms, camp forms, referrals, to name a few. We make sure u get mammograms, colonoscopies, dexa, psa , f/up ultrasounds as needed.
If u ask the specialist to fill out a form such as FMLA or disability , he will charge 40$. I had to fill out fmla form even though severe migraines are also being seen by neuro. I had removed moles, hemangiomas etc when pt cannot afford to see derm and pts were very greatful. You cannot get into many specialist without seeing FM and u need a referral and they wont spend much time with you. Most histories are taken by PA or NP. They will send u back to FM for problems such as rashes , ulcers in mouth, high BP, etc.
We review many labs, radiology reports, consult notes, fill out Rx, return phone calls while seeing 25 to 30 pts.many pts wont come in with just one issue we have to attend to many things. Specialist wont listen to why u are depressed b/c u are overweight.
we are the ones who take care of prior authorization for meds given by specialists. If u call the specialist after 6pm , ans machine will say "call ur primary care."
We write many pain meds b/c people are still waiting for ins or they cant afford or specialsit had sent them back to us asking u to write the pain meds.
We deal with many insurance issues and fill out forms or call people b/c some meds are not easily given to you or they wont let u do MRI or CT.
we also deal with complex issues such as mentally retarded pts, child abuse, elder neglect, pain meds for hospice pts, etc.
BTW u cant get the surgery if we dont clear you. Specialist always send us pt to do preops.
Recently i had diagnosed MS on a young pt, parkinson's in a elderly lady, picked up a few cancers( skin, breast, prostate) sent pt to ER for appendicitis, hypertensive urgencies, SBO, DVT, sent pt to ortho for fractures, meniscus tear, rotator cuff tear etc. Called police on a pt who came in maniac.
We had knwon pt for many yrs and seen them all the time so we go thru stressful time together (such as son killed in war)
If u have a.fib, cardio will send u to us to take care of coumadin
FPs are the best kinds of doctors-they are the real doctors.
I think people are fraustrated that they cant pass USMLE or cant get into residency or got kicked out of a residency b/c they cant survive.No wonder if you have this kind of attitude, u wont get anywhere.
No matter what u say about the FP, the truth is this country cannot do without FPs. They will need more of us in the years to come.
So you make urself look stupid and pathetic by saying things u dont even have any idea.
I am a Board certified FP doc since 2006. I take care of many pts,I am proud of my profession.

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