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Posted by Ayesha Osmania from IP on April 26, 2010 at 02:13:30:

my dear seniors, I will be making a decision for my application, I graduate in 2005 so I have 6 years out of school I have step 1 85 Step2 92 all 1st time pass and I worked in the UK, for 6 months but only private practice experience. I had 3 interviews and all said I was a good applicant but wanted more US clinical experience.
I have emailed everyone and no luck, all of them are observerships the problem is in some observerships they say we do hands on work but they write observership and this hurts my application. Last year I spent so much money on ERAS and my flights everything that I want to make sure I do not make any mistake this year and have a complete application before waste my times again.
I started to do research and found these companies, fmg affordable, img prep, americlerkships, fmg portal, fmg america.. only four of them called me back and this is my opinion
Fmg affordable is in Maryland they give me a room, a little pricey but they did not mention anything about medical liability insurance so this is a problem maybe Iím not sure please email me if Iím wrong and it maybe hands on maybe not and I canít understand how much inpatient how much outpatient, very bad website not professional, I spoke with them on the phone and saw their pictures on their website I just want them to tell me it will be inpatient, and exactly the details they seem ok but I hear they have problem with medicare and Medicaid fraud, something strange about this on internet when I search them, yet I look up the Dr. and she is in Maryland and does have a clinic. The BBB said they never hear about them.
Americlerkships, they promise hands on and insurance but private practice good thing is they will find it next to my home but again I already did that and it did not help they keep sending me so many emails and I donít see anything bad or good about them very good website but they keep sending me so many emails, they have a very professional website no bad things I can find and the BBB rating is B+ and they are not members but I called BBB and they would not tell me why it is not A but they said does not mean they are bad company.
Fmgportal they are like americlerkships but they said I do not need insurance which again makes me nervous if they are really letting me touch patient and why they say I donít need it everyone says we need it for hands on work so please send me information yet people online say they are not bad yet I spoke with another company here and they said I have to have insurance so not big price difference with Americlerkships but they give no insurance their website really is bad If I get feedback from everyone I can tell you what I think but I would rather pick someone with insurance and professional website. I look at their payment page and they have a link for authorize.net but I tried to click on it and it goes no where so the page does not have a lock for security I checked with BBB no rating they are not a member.
Imgprep, they called me and asked me a lot of questions my scores where I went to school what I want to do if I applied last year they said if I sent them my application they would review it and call me back and talk with me and give me advise, I did not want to send my information but checked BBB they are an A and sent my information a lady called me back with another lady together they discuss everything on my application, they told me they recommend I do externship for at least 3 months must have insurance same thing americlerkships told me but fmg affordable and fmg portal did not say I need they said my documents were poor and discuss to change them they spent a lot of time to discuss my application with me. The problem is they said I have to move to do my rotation I asked about staying in my area and they said no they can not because they do not do private practice and can only send me to the hospital they work with, the problem is it is expensive to move.

Americlerkships said they can find me something where I live but then it is private practice Fmgaffordable says they will give me a room with my program.
Fmgamerica never called me back and I search the BBB and they have an F and many bad things on the internet so I put a line in their name.

My fees for 3 months are ranging from 5-8 thousand dollars with these programs if it is private practice forget it because I found it already myself and it did not help me. Please friends only good advise you can email me we can talk and decide what to do I know I can not be only one. It is a lot of money but I do not want to waste all that money applying again if I will not match because I don't have experience.
Please email me your experience and advices please

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