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Posted by US will have to from IP on April 25, 2010 at 23:26:22:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: Re: Dr. Rock, what do you think about the shortage of doctors. posted by miho on April 24, 2010 at 04:03:55:

beg international doctors to help out, that's what they
did in the past, about a decade or two ago, IMG would
get in so easily.

US is different from Canada.

Residency funding is so cheap and easy, it is even more
lucrative than giving bail out money to greedy banks.

cost of training 1 img doc=
=100K/yr including salary & malpractice insurance
= IMGs do twice the work of a regular physician at
least after 6 month

so virtually gov has no loss at all.

Even if, the work of IMG as Resident is not monetized

100K x 3 yrs= 300K
300K x 6000 IMG= 1,800,000K= 1.8 billion

Just 1.8 billion to train 6000 IMGs

If each IMG earn 125 k annually,
each one will pay 50k tax annually
53k x 6000=333,000k annually
This equals to 1 billion in tax annually.

We are talking about 1.8 billion for US health care, if
you remember right Citi bank alone was given 50 billion
for bail out, so 1.8 billion is only 3.6% of what Fed
gave to Citi bank.

Gov is giving interest free loans to banks, this will
yield 33% profit annually to gov, which is far superior
than any other investment(I mean real good investment
without scam) Gov can imagine.

There is no better deal for Americans than to Invest in
IMG or else the Americans will have to get inferior
quality medical care from nurses and PAs.

Think About this.

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