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Posted by Allie from IP on March 18, 2010 at 01:12:49:

In Reply to: Help- My options! posted by MK on March 17, 2010 at 21:54:18:

Okay...first off, passing all exams with high scores on your first
attempt and being accepted by a residency program in the past is in
your favor. What isn't in your favor is the desperation coming across
in your post. It's understandable, but will only slow down your
process. Leaving a program in the midst of a residency career is
frowned upon by most other programs. If u left one program, what
guarantee would they have u wouldn't leave another? So if you can
find a PGY-2 peds residency position and are granted an interview...go
in confident and be ready to answer these questions. You mention
some other issues in the program made you leave? Hopefully, they
were trivial and in no way jeopardized a pt or your residency team. If
not, then don't give up...apply for PGY-2 positions that are available.
Since you have been trying for the last two years...readdress your
approach. If you have sincerely made an effort, then you need to self
reflect and decide for yourself which field to pursue a career in.
Aimlessly obtaining multiple degrees with no idea of how to apply
them is pointless and a waste of money. You are obviously smart as
reflected by your scores, but book smart and life smart need to meet.
In other words, you need to use your wisdom to determine what will
ultimately make you happy. If you want to keep trying, set a time limit
and choose an alternative career path of your liking. Asking us to
choose for you is pointless. Follow your passion....and good luck with

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