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Posted by MK from IP on March 17, 2010 at 21:54:18:

Hi all. I am an old foreign med grad(1999) with a residency in Peds from home country.........came to USA in 2004 just after finishing residency and cleared all my steps (Steps 1 & 2 scores-99, 99, CSA pass, step 3 pass- all first attempt)....... Matched in a Peds program in Midwest even though am based out of Calif......did my internship but left after one year due to personal problems (had to raise my 1 year old child alone since hubby could not move) as also, some issues in the program- but not without the PD promising that she wd write me a good(?? no idea what she wrote though) 2 more LOR's from Ped-subspecialty faculty there (both top-notch eg one describing me as one of the best Peds residents they had seen rotate in their dept ever......blah, blah- know this since both the writers had written me LOR's for a second year residency spot in California b4 I left the program. Now have been trying since 2008........did get a few interviews last year but nothing this year even though I applied across a few specialties (even non-clin ones) out of desperation. Now I don't know what to do! Had never ever imagined myself in such a spot where all my options seem dead (like for many other FMG's, I understand!)......I am open to other career options like Pharma/ Biotech industry/ Clinical rsrch but how? I read in some other post that one could work as a sub-investigator/ co-PI in a cl trial, but won't you need a license for that? Also, without any experience in the Clin Rsrch field, wd anyone hire me for the same? As a side note, I have also cleared my GRE already. I am in a situ where I can't afford to put in money towards another degree (MPH/ MBA). Any advice welcome. No bashing just seeking genuine advice if anybody has some visibility into this.

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