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Posted by Dr. Rock from IP on February 22, 2010 at 11:50:23:

In Reply to: Q for Dr.Rock posted by catwoman on February 22, 2010 at 09:29:07:

Putting aside third world countries, all developed health care systems have advantages and disadvantages.

When you look at infantile mortality rates or adult mortality rates, France for ex ranks #2 in terms of lowest mortality rate and the US #34.

France has a single payer system, with the government running the show. My mother got chemotherapy there even though she was not resident of France or a citizen.
I would still prefer a family member to have surgery in the US because technology is more advanced here.

Here is my bottom line, if you can afford care in the US, the medical care is better here. The problem is many cannot afford the care in the US because they cannot afford the expensive private insurances and are not poor enough to get medicaid.

the current debate in the US is to bring the public option into play, which will bring some competition to the private insurances forcing them to lower the premium. If the Government offers a competitive public insurance to people and the private insurances cannot match the government offer, then people will be insured by the government.

Whether this will be implemented remains to be seen.

Now in terms of physician profit, this may change the earnings of specialits and even some primary care docs. If private insurances don't make as much, reimbursements are going to be lowered and thus may affect physicians' incomes.
On the other hand, more people may be insured and the volume of patients seen in clinic may increase.

I still think that health care is too expensive in America and something needs to be done to render access of care more affordable to more people.

Dr. Rock

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