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Posted by Check this out from IP on February 10, 2010 at 01:19:05:

In Reply to: For Robert...Its really important.... posted by nisha on February 08, 2010 at 19:57:04:

.....but i am not sure if they wl keep complaining v v
small things??
If they found you as a problem resident, they will try
hard to prove their point, so make sure you work extra
hard which is usually impossible, so get help from
someone you can trust in all areas possible and make
extra time for you to do extra work.

?????And I dont understand why they try to manipulate
thing and create new problems for resident and threat
them for termination?

It is possible that they have something against you
which they find impossible to ignore, may be
termination is the best way, you have find out what it
is that they are against you for.

whats their goal? Do hey have someone else to replace
the seat?
Their goal is to
1. if u r a great resident, they are wrong and they are
playing against fire and they will lose
2. if u r a regular or not so good resident, they want
you to be at their expectation.

wont it affect their own program?
it may affect their program, but they don't care, if
they did care, they would not have anti-nisha

and this is just first year and no one
could be perfect,people make small mistakes.
Sometimes u think it is a small mistake but not
everybody thinks so, you have to prove yourself to be
better than others if possible

sometime attendant get late too but

Attendants are different, don't make the mistake of
comparing yourelf with attendents, it is tough but
that's life.

if any resident become sick and late just for thirty
minutes its a big issue??

Read the Hospital policy for employees, it will have
all the guidelines on what to do if you are sick, as a
resident you are a senior level employee, know this,
you will have your rights, though some of them will be
taken away, even america is not perfect, its a corrupt

even though he calls n inform the attendant ...and they
dont give us any sick days?

Residents are entitled for sick leave, you have to go
through a process, find out how to get it from your
seniors or faculty

PD says if resident get swine flu
he still have to come to work with mask on his
That is possible because the work load of Resident is
s0 big when you are not there they need someone else to
do your work and there is none, do you want to do
another resident's work when you have not finished your
own? think about it.

They need more residents but they do not have money to
afford more residents, america is now a poor country 10
trillion debt already!

you will get sick leave only when you go to ER
and still if they dont hospitalize you try to come back
to work after can not say that I wont be able to
come...there is no back up for residents......

As above, this could be true as there are plenty of
Residents who would like to call in sick and stay home,
if they do not admit you, have them(er doc) write a
letter saying you should not be working in hospital if
they can (tell them if they did not write, you will be
forcd to work)
opinion what they think about us?and how they wanna
treat us???????

what we can do to protect our career??
U are already in residency, think of others who can not
even get there having been ecfmg certified and all
those stuff...., be thankful and grateful to God
for the opportunity, you are in far better shape.

?? is this the same rule everywhere???????

Rules are different for every Programs, if you have
good networks and nice people you can work like an
attending even when you are an intern, trust me.

Nisha, All you need is the grace and mercy of God.
Best wishes

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