Re: amenorrhea anyone?

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Posted by Doc G from IP on April 29, 2013 at 12:03:49:

In Reply to: amenorrhea anyone? posted by ali on April 18, 2013 at 00:15:20:

Hello Miss....I am Dr...How can I help you?
no periods?have you never had periods before or has the problem occured now? have to find out
primary/secondary amennorhoea---then ask;;;
do you have pain in your tummy or crampy feeling every month(cryptomenorhoea)?eg vaginal
atresia,cervical atresia,intact hymen.
do you feel your breast size has increased?
do you have hair in your pubic area and under arms?
has your height increase the past year?
(could even be testicular feminisation syndrome,delayed onset)
have you noticed any change in your weight?
any intolerance to temperature?(PCOD,HYPO/HYper thyroidism)
hair growth in unwanted places? (PCOD)
do you see any milky secretion from your breast?(pit adenoma)any visual disturbances?headaches?
now I want to ask about your past history?do you ahve any other medical illness?(DM)do you take any
medication?any surgeries?
now I want to ask you something personal...Do you have a sexual partner?what kind of protection do
you use?have you ahd any infection in your genital area? r u aware of STD?do you think you could be
Now I wnat to ask about your lifestyle?
diet?(malnutrition) exercise??? (athletes can get amenorhoea)
Now I want to ask about your family? anyone having similar problems? when did your mom and sister
start their periods?
lastly I need to know if there are any stresses in your life? at work? at home?(stress induced)
Now I need to do a physical on you...(maybe someone can help me here)...I am planning to auscultate
heart,lungs,listen to bowel sounds,palpate abdomen for masses).look at fundus...
then tell her I also need to do a PV on you but I can do that after a while.
I think miss so and may be having...buut I still need to ruun some blood tests to confirm it
before I can start you on appropriate RX.
do you have any questions?
DD as mentioned above
Serum HCG
t3 t4 tsh
ct head
abdominal u/s

is there anythign else I missed out...? do write please.

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