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Posted by img desi from IP on February 28, 2012 at 02:55:37:

Dear friends,
I would like to describe my own experience of csa with you.I was so tense after reading about csa experience that i was sure that i would fail csa
before giving it.But just 2 days before,i thought ok,as such also i am going to fail,let me be confident.And i kept my confidence.And i gave csa and
after giving csa,i was sure,i will pass the csa and i got my result,i passed it.So PLEASE, believe me,it's not that much difficult exam.It's even simpler
than our daily round in hospital.All you have to do is::
1)keep confidence.Doctor must be confident.Behave like you are a real doctor and the patient is real and you are going to treat it.
2)Don't ever forget to knock the door before entering,introduce yourself like,hi mrs xxx, i am doctor yyy,what brings you here today?Like that.Always
shake hand with patients.
3)Ask gently and try to be calm.If patients say,i am having pain,tell him/her,it must be bothering you,right?After i ask you some question,i will give
you something to relieve your pain.Please tell this,this is important part of your communication skill.
4)Before examining the patient,wash your hand.
5)Explain everything to patient.Like if you are going to palpate patient's abdoman,tell him/her that i am going to palpate your belly,if you are
percussing the abdoman,tell him/her that i am going to tap your belly,if you auscultate,tell him/her that i am going to listen your belly every time
whatever you do,just explain to patient.When you palpate,ask patient whether he/she is comfortable or not,or am i pressing too hard?
6)If patient shows tenderness,just tell him/her,sorry.
7)After examination,explain the patient your finding.If you suspect myocardial infarction,ask patient that are you here alone or is there someone with
you here in hospital,if patient says he is alone,ask him that do you want me to inform your relatives that you have to stay in hospital?Like that.
8)Don't discuss treatment.Just discuss D/D.Tell him about 2-3 d/d.
9)After you explain,if patient has pain,tell him that i am going to give you some pain drug which will help you to have less pain.
10)Tell patient what investigations you are going to do.If you are going to order blood test,explain pt. that some one will draw blood from you to run
some test.If you are to order urin test,tell pt. some one will give you bucket or whatever and we need you to collect urin in it and i would like to run
some test on urin.
11)Don't ever use don't worry like that.
12)In patient's note,don't write what you have not asked to patients.They reall read your note at the same time,they also watch your conversation with
13)Keep confidence.


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