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Posted by New IMG from IP on February 27, 2012 at 12:26:25:

Here are a few suggestions, hope they help.
1. 2CS is not a difficult exam...anyone with some clinical experience should do just fine.
2. Many of the SP will appear to be aggressive or intimidating...dont let that get to you.
3. Treat all SPs like you would a real patient. Address them as Mr.......or Mrs.....and identify yourself as Dr so and so.
4. Eye contact is very important.
5. At all times, act like a doctor, even when you may be unsure of something
Write legibly!!!! many people have sloppy handwriting and this can really hurt.
6. For those of you with thick accents...try to speak slowly, and enunciate clearly. Many qualified candidates have failed because of
7. The cases presented are those that one might encounter in a primary care clinic. The focus of the exam is not necessarily on the
mastery of diagnostic skills, rather on command of english, communication skills, empathy, and chart work.
8. People who write slowly will be in for a shock. One needs to be able to write rapidly and legibly.
9. I shall post more tips tomorrow, if anyone has any questions, I would be more than happy to help.

Helpful tips...contd.
10. Never Never Never do or attempt to do a female exam i.e. pelvic or a male genital exam. If you feel you need to do that, simply
mention that in the note.
11. Go over the sample cases provided. They are representative of the actual cases.
12. Avoid the temptation to be over-friendly or jocular with the patients....remember you've spent 1200 plus bucks to take this exam,
not to mention a few 1000 more to get to Philly and for accomodations etc.
13. Ultimately, from personal experience, I found that being compassionate and emphathic towards the SPs worked well. After I had
taken the exam, I actually thought I didnt do so great, but was pleasantly surprised.
Good luck to all.

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