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Posted by Sudhakar from IP on September 28, 2010 at 08:37:07:

hai dear friends i took my exam on 3 rd apr and got result on 16,

i passed and i am verry happy for that ,

i just want to share my experiences s this forum helped me alot alot ,

with the hope my experience may be useful to some one some way,

i am old img from india married with a two year son who is very active,

and my work schedule is very hectic, i work 10 night calls per month minimum,

i failed step one once and not taken ck yet

and i live in carrebian so lot of other stress in life ,

i started my prepartion long ( 4 months) back but i can not read more than hour in a day,

i dont have any one to practice live, just i took the help of my senior for few days ,

i took coaching from dr mark sermarani - cse review -

i fet very happy about coaching ,

good thing is it is one to one and directed to weakness of the candidate ,

- i am very happy with the caoch , he is good coach and good human being,

the coaching is

definitely useful and cost efective for the money we spend - he is very kind to me .

i felt i have done my best for preparation with my ability and i was confident before exam

in the exam my first case i can say even before i strted physical examination

it was aroun 12 min so i caould not do phyical exam and closure ,

i dont remmember even i have closed in emergency also ,

to say - closing in emergency needs practice -

second case i forgot to do - SLR where it is must ,

in third case - i did not do - fudoscopy , tilt test and jvd,, where they are neede.

in third -case - i did not do postural BP and fundoscopy and JVD, gait test when they ae neede,

in 6 th case - i did not do i dor got few q ro ask and i am not sure of diagnosis.

in 7 case i did not do local examination of pain ,

in phone case - i told the formula for ors wrong

case -11 fudoscopy not done .

in - 12 i did not ask q regarding renal stones and etc where it is relavent . and i did not do CVA pain assesment.

in almost all cases i was rushing in physical examination ,

this is what i remmember , i dont know how many other mistakes i have done

my hand writing i can say very bad -it is difficult for me to read my writing

.i cold not type so i chose to write

and i do write some spelling mistakes.

at exam in houston staff , sps and evry thing is finne.

at the end with grace god i passed my exam

ICE-very good performence
CIS - good performance,
SEp - borderline to aver performace.

so as asummary - practice , practice and

it is not that easy exam as lot of people say, and

it is diificult to asses before exam and

it is just pass or fail and there is nothing between ,

and if we fail it is more difficult second tine .

so take the exam with confidence and

please not get deviated by conflicting opinions in the forum try to mould it to your self.

if i can be of any use for any one i am happy .

u can mail me i will take time but i will reply

good luck for every one and ,

i thank all forum members for the support .

sudhakar kinthala

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