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Program Information

Commences on the 1st day of each month, 2013
Terms: If you do not PASS THE USMLE, you will PAY NOTHING; otherwise you will pay $1 5 ,7 5 0 (discounted to $1 1 ,7 5 0 for all registrations prior to 3-31-2013) upon achieving your success .

General Description

This WEB-BASED (COMBINED WITH PERSONALIZED TELEPHONIC INSTRUCTION) course brings together a faculty who possess a multidisciplinary perspective and range of preparatory methods that students may not typically be exposed to in standard public or even elite USMLEpreparatory institutions. New research is revealing new and promising approaches to the mastery of cognitive and learning skills; a top-notch professional program must present these advances to its students. We recognize this and thus, through informal personalized seminars, debates, and feedback sessions, we explore and identify the general principles that span the range of areas that are tested within the various sections of the USMLEs steps I,II-CK and III.

Who We Are*

We are a leading provider of superior medical licensing examination preparatory solutions empowered by advanced examination- content outline analysis, examination abstraction, and content learning-verification systems. Applying a unique combination of standardized lectures, rigorous-note-taking technique development, state-of-the art ‘real-time’ board- examination-type experiences, and comprehensive evaluative services, the student is ensured of success.

2000 in Ohio, with expansions to CT and NY
Contact Ph 6 4 1.7 1 5.3 9 0 0 ext 8 3 3 7 6 8 or

Other Primary Office Locations

Additional offices and academic employee-instructors are maintained throughout the country, supporting services for all 50 States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

This program was founded by an IVY LEAGUE -trained and educated, MD, with remarkable research and clinical credentials as well . This program is thus intended for like-minded, driven, goal-oriented, professionals that MUST SUCCEED WITH A 100% GUARANTEE of their SUCCESS without which THEIR ENTIRE FEE WILL BE RETURNED, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!).


More than 15 different states are represented in our past student body, including those graduating from local, and nationwide private and public medical educational institutions located in the Continental and Central Americas, Canada and the other six continents.

Why Us?

The professional medical licensure-bound international and LCME medical graduate and student community has been under heavy scrutiny for years, and has faced many challenges. A positive change is vital to the health of this over-burdened population. We are committed to enabling this change through our development and provision of the industry’s leading board-educational solutions. Our superior methods and services are proving to be extremely beneficial to not just students of average science ability, but even “medical school -topping” valedictorians, and salutarians as well.

Through our exclusive, multidisciplinary approach, advanced infrastructure of well-researched preparatory materials, we are able to provide significant breakthroughs in the quality and overall performance of the student in his or her USMLE. We achieve this through our maintenance of the best academic information review and abstraction infrastructure in the nation. Our vast access to numerous past board examination-based resources allows us to obtain an expansive superset of relevant examination-related data. From this, we channel evidence-based data, to reveal and implement unequivocal educational innovations.

Our collective experience and expertise in the use of analytics, improves the accuracy, comprehension, timeliness and availability of our materials, which serves as a testimonial to our dependability and history of success. Our insightful solution design enables results that are unparalleled in quality and performance.

While strategy and foresight are indicative of our unique approach, we also deliver the operational depth with which to implement our results. Our diverse team is made up of a variety of academic educational professionals, all of whom play a vital role in masterminding our system and executing our progressive, end-to-end board examination solutions. Through this fully integrated, nationwide arsenal of specialists, we position ourselves as a leading results provider within the USMLE-based-education industry today.

Reiterating our Bottom line: If you do not PASS THE USMLE, you will PAY NOTHING; otherwise you will pay $15,750 (discounted to $11,750 for all registrations prior to 3-31-2013) upon achieving your success .

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