Hang IN There-I too passed …after a Big failure

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Posted by caribelucky from IP on January 09, 2013 at 12:44:09:

Hang IN There-I too passed …after a Big failure
Hang in there! if it helps, I took it and failed it too on my FIRST ATTEMPT (despite blowing $6K by using PASS PGM IL- i.e., you get what you PAY for!!!)...I got a 187..so imagine the anger and disappointment I went thru when i first got the news :/. Anyway,I took out my anger by going to the park, taking walks, talking to people that really cared about me, mostly my family (of course), and they told me that I could sooo do it again, no worries and to NOT listen to the negatives...which alot of mean selfish people out there do for a living (maybe..lol). I mean all they say is "give up!, residency programs will not accept you if you failed the first time, yadda yadda yadda, blah blah blah" WRONG A'HOLES! Lol. Just remember that they (most hospitals) actually need you, regardless ifyou failed the first time. They want more doctors. If you look at most residency programs which I did, some of them say, "requires you to pass the step1 at least the second or third time" So I do not know where these selfish A'Holes are getting their info from. Failing step1 is not really a big deal...I mean once you are done with it the second time hopefully, try to hold a research position or volunteer somewhere to show that you really want this despite the fact you failed it the first time.

So be strong and listen up, get rid of that feeling as fast as possible...lol,and review this stuff all over again, just remember you ALMOST passed....all you need to do is add on! that's all you need "ADD ONs" well and grasping to the material that you probably missed while studying for it the first time.

This is what I did: I used my network from Caribe friends (e.g. windsor- 85% failure rate!) and found those that got 230s on 2nd attempt. using references I found a certified personal tutor (BBB) that got me through—aided by UW questions of course!.. (cost $12k though! CALL six four one seven one five thirty nine hundred ext eight three three seven six eight FOR THEIR 24hr- INFO LINE).

Again think about it...you ALMOST passed...so that means you have a potential to get way more than passing the next time around,
anyway! THE BEST OF LUCK TO YOU! I am positive you will pass the next time!

p.s. soorrry that my words all over the place. But hope you get my point here.

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